Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

24 London Hills

A different perspective on global climate change
Watch to the end

UK’s rainfall records rescued by volunteer army
16 days to key in 5.4 million individual rainfall observations, each keyed four times for quality control purposes. What’s the lesson for LAC Co-Lab Challenges?

Statues have their own history

Find a Grave Index Updates
With the March update, Ancestry now has 214,754,024 index records in their Find a Grave collection. Over 109,000 are added for the UK and Ireland and over 39,000 for Canada.

Nobody does it better

History Slam 207: Navigating Online (Mis)Information

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Ann Burns, Anonymous, Brenda Turner, Don Ross, Gloria Tubman, Lynne Willoughby, Rick Roberts, Teresa, Toni, Unknown.

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  1. History for Ukraine. Thank you for the Heads up. Great 24 hr Binge.

    Actually…did not watch at all Sat night. Picked out more good stuff in today’s replay. I/we learned a lot of fun and useful stuff.

    One recurrent problem some presenters had was not knowing how to turn on the slide show. The Wrangler had a great work around.

    A wonderful way to spend a rainy weekend, listening to these experts.

    Cheers, jon on Vancouver Island

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