Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Forthcoming on Ancestry (new and updated)
UK, Women’s Royal Air Force Service Records, 1918-1920
UK, Women’s Land Army Index Cards,1939-1945
UK, World War II Records and Material, 1939-1945
Edinburgh, Scotland, Army Attestation Registers, 1796-1857
UK, Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps Service Records, 1917-1920 UK Obituaries UK Marriages

Remains found in France identified as Canadian soldier who died in WW1
Good news. Unfortunately, the item lacks detail. Just how confident is the identification — 90%, 95%, 99.9999%?

Margaret McMillan: Alliances and the Outbreak of the Second World War

Improving the nation’s stock for ‘Great and Greater Britain’: Eugenics in the 1920s
Pseudoscientific and moraly corrupt. LAC’s biography of Nellie McClung continues to overlook her racist/eugenicist beliefs. That’s in contrast to the biography of Emily Murphy who “expressed stereotypical and prejudiced views about various racial and ethnic groups.”

Oldest surviving map of London, from 1633, to go on display

Need More?
There’s great content every week from Australia at That Moment in Time.

Thanks to this week’s contributors. Alison, Ann Burns, Anonymous, Barbara Di Mambro, Brenda Turner, jon ackroyd, Pamela Wile, Teresa, Toni, Unknown.

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