history Scotland: May/June 2022

This is one of the hundreds, probably thousands if you count old issues, of magazines available free online through the Ottawa Public Library, and likely many other libraries’, subscriptions to PressReader.

Given the mention by Wayne Shepheard in my recent interview of a Scottish ancestor’s livelihood being disrupted owing to the silting up of a river, I was interested to see another example of the impact of natural environmental processes, this augmented by climate change. That’s right at the bottom of the list of contents below in the Final Word column.

5 News
Latest history and heritage news.
6 Plockton’s sporting dilemma
A quoiting or a shinty club?

8 Urban standing stones
Dr Kenneth Brophy takes us on a tour of these monuments.
10 Air raid archaeology
Report on the discovery and excavation of a unique domestic WW II air-raid shelter.

14 Plague returns to Glasgow
20 The annals of the Goodsir-Taylor brooch
A brooch that tells the story of three Scottish families across the centuries.
23 Three centuries of performance
Allan Ramsay’s Gentle Shepherd.
30 The police and the RAF in wartime Berwickshire.
38 How to take a town
The logistical and administrative directives of Jacobite army officials in the early weeks of the 1745 rising.
40 The First Scottish Enlightenment
Enlightenment and Jacobitism
46 Audobon’s Birds of America
Curator’s exhibition preview.
50 A lifelong passion for history
Interview with James Thomson OBE.
52 The end of Scottish witch-hunting
The group of skeptics whose endeavours helped bring the age of witch-hunting to an end.
55 NEW Climate Change Heritage Action.
The launch of a new series on the challenges facing our built heritage.

28 Events Online and on-site events
36 National Records Scotland
Archive evidence of the establishment of the midwifery profession
56 Book reviews
Anna of Denmark, by Jemma Field.
Women and Scottish Society: 1700-2000, by W W J Know.
The Case for Scottish Independence, by Ben Jackson.
59 Ten minutes on…
The Albany Stewarts.
60 Family history
Legacies of the slave trade In JamaIca.
61 Scottish History Society
The scholarship of Dr John Durkan,
62 Final Word
Dr Martin Kirkbride on a new extreme weather project, assessing changing patterns across the decades.

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