OGS conference interview with Gordon L McBean

Here’s the second of my interviews with speakers at the 24 – 26 June 2022 OGS/Ontario Ancestors conference.

If you missed the first interview, with Wayne Shepheard, find it here.

I have a few more planned while Penny Allen, official conference”bloginator,” will interview quite a few others. The plan is to link them on the conference speaker profile page.

Why are we doing this? The initial impetus was to provide information about the speaker, and the presentation, encourage you to attend their presentation and register for the conference. You’ll find out more about the individual and perhaps discover they have other interests coincident with yours. I found that during both interviews, so reach out to make one-to-one contact with the speaker if you discover a commonality of interest.

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  1. That was interesting, as I have noted many of my somewhat distant relatives going back and forth across the border, but very few of my direct ancestors.
    Many of my ancestors came north to the Maritimes, first as Planters ca 1760 from New England and later as Loyalists from New York and New Jersey. Most of their descendants never returned.
    My great-grandfather went to Boston in the late 1860s, married and returned around late 1870s,
    My grandfather travelled to Newton to study and returned upon completion of his studies.

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