New “Genealogy” books at the Ottawa Public Library

The OPL catalogue lists four “genealogy” books published in 2022. Two, for children, one not yet available, will not be mentioned further.

Ancestor Trouble, A Reckoning and A Reconciliation, by Maud Newton, from Random House

Extracts from some of the published reviews

“If Newton’s attempts to connect with the past are unusual, her clear-eyed look at her ancestors’ complicity is nonetheless a valuable and bracing portrait of one American family tree that we know represents many, many more. This is why we look back, and it’s why genealogy can be so powerful — because the past is still with us, because we can’t change the present until we’ve retraced the path that led us here.
The Washington Post

“With the rigor of a historian and the voice of a mystery writer, Newton pulls the reader into a philosophical exploration of trauma and heritage. . . . A magisterial memoir.”
The Observer

Published on 29 March, OPL has 31 holds on 4 copies of the book, 14 holds on 2 copies of the eBook, and 9 holds on 1 copy of the audiobook.

The Match, by Harlan Coben, from Grand Central Publishing

Extracts from some of the published reviews

“richly drawn characters and suspense . . . make a satisfying thriller . . . The ending and switches in perspective in particular feel a bit more thrown together than expected, and Coben’s signature second twist comes a bit out of left field . . . will keep readers turning the pages to the very end.”
New York Journal of Books

After signing up to an ancestry website, his DNA is matched to a second cousin and later with a man who is possibly his father. As Wilde follows up these links, he is left with even more questions about his past. . . An enjoyable enough tale but the manifest danger did not quite deliver.”
Mike in Goodreads

Published on 15 March, OPL has 261 holds on 45 copies of the book with 6 available as express reads, 156 holds on 16 copies of the eBook, and 60 holds on 16 copies of the large print book.

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