Automated Newspaper Searches

With and The British Newspaper Archive going full tilt on adding pages to their collections how can you ensure you keep up with additions relevant to you?

The way they describe it, makes it easy with Search Alert. You save your searches and receive an email when new newspaper pages are added that contain matches for your saved searches. It sounds as if it works like the Google alerts service.

As far as I can see The British Newspaper Archive has no such facility. It was suggested back in 2015 but seems to be too much of an engineering challenge for the BNA.

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  1. Hi John,
    The Ontario Community Newspapers search site also allows you to sign up for automatic alerts using RSS or Atom tools. Sign up to be alerted about all site updates i.e. when new material is added (which happens daily for indexing and more full-run digitized newspapers are added every few months ) and/or subscribe to a specific results set and receive alerts in your feed when any new items match your search terms.
    Thanks for all your great work!

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