Family Tree Magazine June 2022

Wayne Shepherd, a speaker at the OGS annual conference 2022, has the issue’s lead article Mother Nature’s impact on family migration and relocation.
It takes us back across the Millennia to look at why our ancestors moved; the focus in the second part is the US.

In Sorting Your Virtual Reference Library Allison Spring recommends a collection of indispensable works categorized as Family History Reference, Archives, Maps and Gazetteers, Newspapers, Dictionaries, Obsolete Things, Historical City and Trade Directories, Built Heritage, General History, Image Libraries, Moving Image Collections, Case Study, Tech Tools, Palaeography, National Libraries, How to Videos.

Along the same lines is Genealogy Gadgets and Apps for all Occasions by magazine editor Helen Tovey. It covers Online Family Trees, Family History Software, ToDo Lists, Diary Planning, Organizing and Itinerary, Mind Mapping, Scanning, Photography, Videos and Recording. More is promised in coming issues.

There’s much more … I just hit some highlights.

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