Internet Genealogy: June/July 2022

The June/July2022 issue will be available June 8, 2022. Here’s the table of contents.

COVER: Get the Most From Family History Conversations
Sue Lisk looks at effective ways to have those family history conversations

Ten Ways to Share Your Genealogy at a Family Reunion
Lisa A. Alzo offers tips for planning your next family gathering with genealogy in mind

Circuses and Family History
David A. Norris looks at records left by the once-popular form of entertainment

Dying Wishes and Final Thoughts
Robb Gorr looks at wills and testaments and what they can tell you about your ancestors

Early American Sources
Diane L. Richard examines a website encompassing archives and other sources for the Americas

1950 U.S. Census Explained
Karen L. Newman looks at what you might find in the 1950 U.S. Census

An Unsung Hero of the Great War
Colleen Callahan Gilbert remembers her late father-in-law through his personal papers

Logging and Our Ancestors
Sue Lisk looks at several websites devoted to the history of the logging industry in North America

Dog Collars: Clerical and Canine
Michelle Dennis looks at the resources for researching Devon and Cornwall ancestors

Permanent Legacy Foundation
Diane L. Richard looks at living archives for personal, family or community applications

Review: Photoshop Elements 2022
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a popular photo editing software program

Photos and Genealogy
How do capture other peoples’ stories?

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Stories Lead to Family History
Getting children involved in family history conversations

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What will the future hold for genealogy research in Ukraine?

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