Internet Genealogy: June-July 2022

3 – 2 – 2 – 1 …..

Diane L. Richard, a genealogy professional since 2003, who has been writing and lecturing since 2006, including at the OGS/Ontario Ancestors conference later this month, has three articles in this issue. In addition to her regular Net Notes column, she reviews Early American Sources and what the Permanent Legacy Foundation has to offer.

Two articles are by Lisa Alzo. Review: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 suggests that you can probably save your money and continue to use earlier versions of the program for core tasks. Not mentioned are alternative free programs, such as Photopea, which is online. Lisa’s other article, ten Ways to Share Genealogy at Your Family Reunion suggests ways to build fun into a family gathering as boxes, lines, charts, and citations don’t do it!

Being flexible and respectful of the other person’s needs and preferences, which are subject to change, is the advice in Sue Lisk’s article From You to Me and Back, which focuses on communication with older relatives. In Logging and Our Ancestors, Sue’s other article explores the history of logging in Northern Ontario, Minnesota and North Carolina, the camps where the men worked, and their experiences through several websites devoted to the subject.

Most contributors have one article, David A. Norris, Robbie Gorr, Karen L. Newman, Colleen Callahan Gilbert, Michelle Dennis, Rick Voight, The Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, and Dave Obee, who reflects on What Will the Future Hold for Genealogy Research in Ukraine?


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