Findmypast weekly update

This week FMP throws a spotlight on collections drawn from the massive British Newspaper Archive collection. Separate collections have been extracted for births (baptisms), marriages and deaths (burials) from England. That should make the search more efficient. There are both indexes and images of the original newspaper entry.

Births comprise 204,576 entries, often the notice was published before the child’s name was selected, so it will read “of a daughter” or “of a son.” Expect to find an address and the exact date of birth.

Marriages, 681,852 entries, will give the names of the groom and bride, their residence places, marriage place and date and sometimes the father’s names.

Deaths,  1,827,488 entries. will give name, age, residence, name of spouse, possibly name and residence of father.

For other events with names, the good, the bad, the fortunate and the unfortunate, search the newspaper collection.


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