Lamentably, we record the passing of two people involved with Home Children.

Kay Lorente died Monday morning at The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre. She was just passed her 92nd birthday.  Predeceased by her husband Dave, they were jointly inducted into the BIFHSGO Hall of Fame in 2000.
The 1991 founders of Home Children Canada, Dave and Kay, assisted countless Canadian Home Children families and their descendants in accessing their personal records.
They were active in raising national and international consciousness through lectures, reunions, the placement of plaques, and compiling Canadian Home Children’s family histories.

Dr. John Dickenson, a former professor at Liverpool University and researcher on Canada’s Home Children, also passed on Monday after a stroke. He visited Ottawa and spoke at the 2014 BIFHSGO conference on Mrs. Birt Home Children and those who served in the First World War. He also advanced BIFHSGO  research as an advisor.

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