Serials Additions

There were 15 19th-century additions to the online serials collection of on Friday.

Just as today, the almanacs offer homely advice, curiosities, astronomical information, and fanciful weather predictions. They promoted incredible patent medicines “useful in coughs and colds, curing them”, “sweating, aching, tired, tender swollen feet are cured”, “corns, chill blanes, frost bites, bunions, soft corns, ingrowinjg toenails are cured”, “cures old cases of coughs and bronchitis”, “lumbago and rheumatism is greatly relieved”, “a certain cure for cholera infantum”,  Parke’s Liver Cure was advertized as “a most efficient remedy for all stomach and liver, dyspepsia, costivness, coated tongue, pimples, headache, dizziness, faintness, female weakness, general debility, chill fever, nausea, kidney trouble, malaria, palpitations of the heart, and nervous disorders.”

Today we have fake news!

You could perhaps find an ancestor mentioned in one of the annual reports or calendars. They could be in the administration, on the staff, a graduate (for a college), or, more likely, a donor. Even those who gave 50c might be included.

Title Publication Date Series URL (if online)
Almanack : the mystery explained 1885 8_01925
Annual report of the Montreal Maternity for the year ending … 1887-1900 8_01916
Annual report of the University Lying-in Hospital, Montreal Eleventh; Thirteenth-Fourteenth; Sixteenth-Seventeenth; Twenty-First; Twenty-Third-Thirty-First; Thirty-Third-Thirty-Sixth; Thirty-Eighth-Forty-Second 8_01914
Calendar / McMaster University 1888/9 – 1900/01 8_01920
Calendar / Woodstock College 1887/8 8_02021
Calendar of the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton 1861/62; 1863/64 – 1870/71; 1872/73; 1874/75 – 1883/4 8_01919
Constitution, by-laws and rules of order, of the Ontario Teachers’ Association : together with the minutes of the … annual meeting … 1872 8_02455
Minutes of proceedings of the General Council of Medical Education and Registration of Upper Canada 1867 8_01921
Pain-killer almanac & family receipt book 1867 8_01923
Parke & Parke’s almanac 1898 8_01917
Parke’s almanac 1897 8_02578
Proceedings / Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal 1882/3; 1883/4/5; 1885/6/7; 1887/88/89; 1889/90/91; 1892/93; 1892/93/1893/94 8_01931
The Household almanac 1900 8_01917
The Household almanac 1889 8_01918
The Pain-killer annual and household physician 1871 8_02433


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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