Military Monday: the library in war

From The Scotsman; when war broke out in Ukraine, it was not only the troops who mobilised – but the librarians too.

“Within days, libraries across the country had set up initiatives to supply books to citizens sheltering in underground Metro stations, had created centres for refugees displaced within Ukraine in library buildings and diversified to set up to act as hubs to supply military equipment and essentials to the hastily-formed army.”

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  1. Thanks John. I’ve been going back and forth via email with a chum in Oxfordshire, and she has told me that most of the hotels and B & Bs in her area are stuffed with Ukranians. She said that even in Banbury you hear what is presumed to be Ukranian on every street. It warms my tiny little cold heart, so saddened by the war. Cheers, BT

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