Internet Genealogy Magazine: Aug-Sept 2022

Here are the contents of the latest issue, due on newsstands on 19 August.

Creeping on Facebook
Robb Gorr looks at using social media to find family information

Diane L. Richard looks at newspaper datasets relevant to genealogists

More than the Same Old Song and Dance
Sue Lisk explores websites to help you understand the music of your ancestors

“Analog Google” for the Georgians & Victorians
David A. Norris looks at reference books for home and business

Edward Waugh Atkinson – A Family Anti-Hero
Adam Winstanley looks at online newspapers to enhance family stories

Researching State Archives? Stop! Go Online First
Karen L. Newman says go online before going to the State Archives. A featured look at West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio

AI Tools for Family History Writers
Lisa Alzo looks at AI Tools for family history writers

Scanning Personal Genealogical Records
Ed Storey suggests using simple thumb drives to store your valuable family history data

What They Threw Away
Constance Cherba with Sam and Joe Ashkar examine what our ancestors threw away

Pondering Puzzles
Sue Lisk suggests ways to solve your own family history puzzles

REVIEW: DeepStory
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new animated storytelling tool from MyHeritage

Genealogical Records at Somerset House
David A. Norris looks at 133 years of the records held at Somerset House in the UK

New York Historical Vital Records Online
Joe Grandinetti looks at finding the Big Apple on the family tree

Tribble: A Family Story
By Donna Potter Phillips

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Photos and Genealogy
Do you remember the times of your life?

Research Questions from the Genealogy Center
More on Exploring PERSI at the Genealogy Center

Back Page:
Dave Obee suggests sensitivity should be the watchword when asking questions about family history.

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  1. I will certainly be interested to read about how “simple thumb drives” are the best option to store valuable family history data…given how often they go bad. Any IT person will tell you that they are good only for transferring files, not permanently storing them.

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