WDYTYA Magazine: September 2022

This issue has three feature articles.

Searching the Streets of London
Judith Batchelor explains the maps, records and old
photographs that will reveal your ancestors’ lives in
the capital and enable you to walk in their footsteps. It mentions eight essential records, starting with census and civil registration. There’s a box for the London Picture archive, two books and seven less-known website resources.

Super Recognisers
Some people have an innate gift that allows them to spot
a face in a crowd based on a distant memory. Gail Dixon
discovers how such ‘super recognisers’, in particular superrecognisersinternational.com, are helping
family historians identify relatives in old images.

Zeppelin Attacks
lan Castle tells the story of the forgotten Blitz of the First
World War when the country was bombed by airships. 564 were killed and 1,354 injured in raids between January 1915 and April 1918.

Also find articles on the surviving records of the 17th century English Civil War, an in-depth looks at family history for Lincolnshire, and lots more.

A reminder that WDYTYA magazine is online through many Canadian public libraries PressReader subscriptions. If your’s doesn’t offer that service why not request it?

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