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The additions this week are for Sheffield, Yorkshire,  and not your usual BMB records.

Yorkshire, Sheffield Crime Courts and Convicts 1769-1931
206,060 transcripts with basic information from:

Cases prosecuted for desertion, neglect of their children, c1904-1908
General gaol delivery, Yorkshire 1841
Orders for bankruptcy hearing
Police charge book 1838-1865
Prosecutions of felons 1837
Quarter Sessions prison calendar 1880-1931
Sheffield, Magistrates Court Register 1882-1917
Sheffield Police Ticket of Leave register, 1864-1874
Sheffield Police, Conduct and Commendation Book, 1831-1893
Sheffield Quarter Sessions prison calendar
Sheffield Watch Committee minutes 1891-1896
York Castle prison calendar 1769
Yorkshire Assizes prison calendar 1841-1842
General Gaol Delivery, Yorkshire 1841.

Yorkshire, Sheffield Social and Institutional Records 1558-1939
47,989 entries, transcripts from a real mixed bag of sources

Bradfield Lent Book, 1558
Apprentices, 1676-1833
Settlement certificates, 1700-1810
Removal orders, 1701-1844
Sheffield Highways assessment, 1711
List of papist estates, 1715
Whiston indentures, 1728-1738
Slaughterhouse agreement, 1750-1780
List of paupers, 1751-1808
Sketchley’s Sheffield Directory, 1774
List of Tontine Inn subscribers, 1785
Gales & Martin’s Directory of Sheffield, 1787
List of subscribers to new Coffee House, 1795
Corn loan guarantors, 1795
Sheffield in 1797
J. Robinson’s Directory of Sheffield, 1797
Ecclesall Bierlow Workhouse, register of inmates, 1812-1915
Petition of the Catholic inhabitants of Sheffield, 1815
Society for bettering the conditions of the Poor in Sheffield, appeal for funds, 1818
Bradfield Workhouse admissions and discharges, 1818-1849
Sheffield & Rotherham banks resolution, 1825
List of Members of Bradfield Game Association, 1838
List of able poor, 1843
Ecclesall National School exam schedule, 1844-1890
Sheffield, Nether Chapel Membership list, 1845
Deakin Institution annual report, 1863
Sheffield flood, list of dead and missing, 1864
Deakin Institution list of governors, 1867
Sheffield & Rotherham Red Book & Almanac, 1870-1885
Cemetery Rd Congregational Church subscriber, 1873
Dungworth School, Sheffield, exam schedule, 1876-1895
List of pupil teachers, 1877-1881
Register of canal boats, 1878-1924
Vickers Ltd training record, 1911-1930
Sheffield Sunday School, Band of Hope programme, 1912
Upton Colliery signing-in book, 1936-1939

Yorkshire, Sheffield, Asylum & Hospital Admissions & Subscriptions 1748-1937
19,103 entries, transcripts mainly from the South Yorkshire asylum admission register, and also:

General Infirmary, list of subscribers
House of Help for Friendless Women and Girls, case book 1888-1906
Subscribers to annuities
Subscribers to Sheffield infirmary

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