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  1. Agreed. A very sad day. She has been the constant, and the rock for generations.
    I heard on the radio the other day something that I had read about before. The Royal Family always carried out formal and diplomatic presentations very soberly. If something happened which was unexpected during that process, they LOVED it and giggled about it.
    In 1982 the Queen was here for our ditching the British North America Act and establishing our own constitution.
    Jean Cretien was supposed to sign the legislation. When he tried to sign, he broke the pen. Such pens, of course, tend to become important items later, and sometimes become significant souvenirs. Cretien muttered “merde” under his breath, and the Queen understood exactly what he meant, and burst into giggles over it.
    I love this. It made her human. Cheers, BT

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