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The Ancestor Hunt Updates Canadian Newspaper Links by Province
In the past two weeks, Kenneth R Marks has been updating the Canadian newspaper links on The Ancestor Hunt site. To my knowledge, it’s by far and away the best way to find out about Canadian digitized newspapers across the scattered websites hosting them. Here are the starting pages for the various provinces and territories.

You don’t pay to access the site. However, to pay the bills the site is now monetized with ads .. lots and lots. While the ad blocker I’ve downloaded, but rarely use, will do a good job of  eliminating them from the list, that doesn’t seem quite right for such prodigious effort. If there were fewer ads the temptation would be less.

Student project creates accessible database of Canada’s first newspapers
A press release from the University of Toronto describes a project to create an accessible, free database of Canada’s first newspapers which they hope to launch next year.

Terrace Bay News
Terrace Bay, Ontario, in the Thunder Bay District, is 75 years old and the Public Library is digitizing the weekly Terrace Bay News from 1948 to today. Already 1948-1970 are online and full text searchable here.
via ODW Quarterly Newsletter, September 2022

Microfilm Newspapers at Library and Archives Canada
Does the new LAC website have you fumbling around trying to find the list by province, then alphabetically by community, they used to have. It’s changed. Now go to

From there select a Region and enter the name of the community in the “Filter Items” seach box. I

Wouldn’t it be nice if this could be presented as a clickable map so we could easily see nearby communities that might have newspaper coverage of something you’re seeking?

Wouldn’t it be nice if LAC assumed its national leaderhip role under the Decentralized Plan for Canadian Neewspapers?

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  1. Thanks for the Ancestry Hunt provincial links. I had been copying the info from FB when it appeared but now my collection is complete!

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