4 Replies to “Anniversary of deleting Facebook”

  1. All I see are ads and a very few posts from “friends” I hardly know. Very little news of family and what is posted is mostly junk that is forwarded to everybody. It’s just not worth the effort!

  2. I make use of both Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis and it hasn’t gotten better but it really also hasn’t gotten any worse for me over the year except for them messing around in the UI/UX which keeps annoying me. I make use of both of those Meta products to stay in contact with family and friends, especially those in distant places. I do make use of specific bookmarks and other features to minimize the annoying extraneous suggested posts that appear in my various feeds.

  3. I stopped Facebook a decade ago, because of such trivia that gets posted and I hear more often from friends that all it does is stir up controversy among friends. Or during municipal elections, as I have noted recently. Disinformation, misinformation is rife, I am told.

  4. I have tried to limit my social media time. I still have a Facebook account but rarely use it. It is only used to keep in contact with a couple of friends and for my job to post information.

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