Methodist Biographies

There’s an online books link buried in the Methodist Heritage website that’s of interest if you have a person of family history interest involved with the various flavours of Methodism in the UK. In the periodicals, you’ll find multiple annual compilations that include biographies of men and women who were active as preachers and in other leadership roles.

Volumes from Wesleyan, Primitive, New Connexion, Bible Christian and other Methodist denominations are available from 1780 to the 1880s. The pdfs I reviewed, Primitive and New Connexion, were image scans, not searchable, although each had an index with the names of those included. Downloads can be slow.

The bios are heavy on the religious side of life, with no mention of how they earned a living. Birth date and place, and sometimes parents are named, many before the introduction of civil registration in England and Wales.

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  1. Thank you for this link. My wife’s grandmother was from North Wales and when she married and moved to to Battersea had to settle for attending services at the Battersea Wesleyan chapel.

    This will be useful for the background on her faith.

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