Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine: November 2022

Digital Books
Helen Osborn reveals the essential free online reference
books; It starts with the half-million books at FamilySearch. Then the Internet Archives, Google Books, HathiTrust, jstor.org/ Moving on to the British Records Society, British History Online, and more.
Birth Certificates
WDYTYA? Magazine editor Sarah Williams shares her expert tips for saving both time and money when researching births in England and Wales
Soccer Story
As England hosts the Rugby League World Cup from
15 October, James Hoare revisits the sport’s origins
Focus On
Family historians shouldn’t overlook records of the Militia, and many have been digitized and are now available online, as Phil Tomaselli explains.
Best Websites
Jonathan Scott recommends sites where you can search
vast collections of historic audio and video recordings
Record Masterclass
Legal historian Rebecca Probert shares the secrets of
the clandestine irregular marriages of the 18th century
Nick Peers reveals how to search, view and download
Australian newspapers using the free website Trove
Around Britain
Jonathan Scott explores the resources available if your
ancestors lived in the historic county of Gloucestershire
Gem From The Archive
Mark Pitchforth, assistant archivist at the History of
Advertising Trust at hatads shares an album of advertisements from Victorian and Edwardian magazines.

As always, there’s lots more.

Finally, and news to me, is that Tony Robinson is hosting a new programme, “Museum of Us,” where an expert team helps groups of residents explore their own street’s history as they unearth surprising stories and hidden treasures. The first episode, which aired in the UK on Monday on More4,  is about Bristol and the residents of Hebron Road who discover links to the chocolate and tobacco industries.  Other episodes will be on Birmingham, Aberystwyth, and Norwich.


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  1. Rebecca Probert is a wonderful speaker (I have heard her speak at UK events twice!), and her knowledge of the historical legal aspects of marriage and divorce are fascinating! Cheers, BT

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