Membership renewal time

As we get ready to turn our clocks back, anyone with a membership that renews on a calendar year basis will start getting reminders. My latest was from Megan Houston, the Executive Director of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

After informing that “Your involvement is extremely (my emphasis) important to us and very much appreciated,” come the incentives.

“EARLY BIRD PRIZES. Renewing in November means that you will be entered into the Early Bird Prize draw with the chance to win everything from OGS Memberships to book prizes. We thank our friends at Shop the Hound, Global Genealogy, and the National Institute for Genealogical Studies for their generous donations this year, we truly appreciate their support. Please take a moment to check out their websites and learn more about them!

NEW MEMBER REFERRAL BONUS. Are you an existing member who knows someone who might be interested in joining the Society? When they are ready to sign up, make sure they include your email in the “Referral” box on the membership page, and you will get $15 added onto your account to use in the Marketplace, including adding Branches/SIGs to your membership account.

Not up for renewal just yet? – We’ve got you covered! This Referral Bonus is available to members all year round.

Do you have more than 1 person you want to refer? Refer them all, and $15 will be added for each referral you make.”

If you happen to be wanting to join OGS as a “new” member feel free to put   johndreid at gmail dot com   in the referral box. One person, not me, has already benefitted!

The OGS annual membership fee remains at  $63.00. You can add branches or special interest groups with fees ranging from $5-$15 depending on the branch or special interest group.

A note on the OGS memberhip system; while for most existing members the renewal works on a calendar year basis some newer members renew on the anniversary of the date they joined. You can renew up to 60 days in advance.

All BIFHSGO memberships run on a calendar year basis. Individual memberships with a digital copy of Anglo-Celtic Roots are $50.00


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  1. Your reminder about the OGS membership is heeded. I will renew my long time membership early, rather than leaving it until December. I hope many more do as well. Thanks, John, for supporting the OGS so strongly.

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