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While at the OGS website renewing my membership, I recalled recent information that a new issue of the Society journal Families is available. It’s a benefit of membership that isn’t of particular value to me as I don’t have Ontario ancestry, and it isn’t as “in my face” as when it came by snail mail. I took a look anyway.

It’s available online to members, along with issues back to 1962 when it was known as the Bulletin. You can search the Index from 1962 – 2007. Has any thought been given to making the complete corpus full-text searchable? There must be hidden names and places in the text of interest to many members that haven’t made their way into TONI.

I’ll resist the temptation to spoil the enjoyment and enlightenment you might get from reading the  November 2022 issue. It has these main articles.

The Stover Family in Norwich, Ontario
A Bit About War Brides
Taking Your Genealogical Education to the Next Level
Alan’s Genealogy Lists
Coral’s Corner, Mystery Photos, and more!

In her managing editor’s column Heather McTavish Taylor, now returned from other OGS duties, states her goal is “to evolve Families into a much anticipated, “must-read” journal for our members in the future.” A new working group for Families, made up of members, is in place to help steer the direction for the journal.

Scanning some past issues, it’s evident its nature has changed. Back in August 2006, the last and only time I published an article in Families, it was more “academic” with many citations. Is that what Families readers want today?

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  1. John, you make an interesting point. I think a journal should be more academic, including citations, please.

    Interesting articles and stories should be in a newsletter. They have their place. A society publishing a journal should have a higher standard.

  2. I have not yet checked it out as my days have been busy. I always ask the OGS office (Coral Harkies) to send me the print editions, not just the ones for which I have written articles for Families, but all — as Ii donate them to a local genealogical society.

    A week ago, both the winter edition and the summer one from 2022 were mailed to me in one envelope. I found that strange. I also like less citations, less endless footnotes, and fewer personal family histories in the journal. Those should be in the appropriate branch newsletters, I think. I know many may disagree.

    Gail B

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