WDYTYA Magazine: February 2023

Editor Sarah Williams marks the magazine’s 200th issue by sharing her favourite ways to grow your family tree.

Rosemary Collins introduces Transcription Tuesday taking place on 31 January 2023. This year’s four projects are:

Bryce Evans recounts the story of the thousands of British Restaurants set up during the Second World War feeding hungry Britons on the Home Front.

Jo Thompson outlines the professionalisation of nursing in Britain, and the varied records that are available

Jonathan Scott rounds up the essential online resources to help uncover house history.

Legal historian Rebecca Probert talks you through researching the marriage of nonconformist ancestors

Nick Peers explains how to search the records of the newly released 1921 census of Scotland online.

And much more, including Jonathan Scott on the wide range of sources for those researching in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

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