Dick Eastman on Facing Up to the Long-term Future of Your Genealogy Society

In this article on his EOGN blog Dick Eastman discusses the reasons why many genealogy societies are losing members and suggests what can be done about it. It’s food for thought for those in leadership positions willing to reexamine what they do.

Dick who would throw out the term society and replace it with organization, favours these services:

1. Education

2. Publishing (on paper as well as electronic publishing)

3. Travel services to local and distant repositories or even to “the old country”

4. Lobbying services

5. Sponsoring a cruise for members and others and offer seminars when at sea

6. Fraternal organization services, somewhat like the Elks or Lions or Masons or other fraternities and sororities, all working towards common public service goals

7. And perhaps the most important of all: offer entertainment.

Personally I’m not so sure about 5 and 6. although the social side is important. Time to ask “Who Do You Think You Are?”

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