Book Launch: In Their Own Write: Contesting the New Poor Law, 1834-1900.

Livestreamed at 8 am on Wednesday 22 February, attend the book launch from TNA in Kew of this long-awaited book.

The 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act is one of the most important pieces of nineteenth-century social legislation. In Their Own Write places the thoughts and words of the poor at the heart of this story.

TNA’s education team will be launching a companion educational resource, ‘Teaching the Voices of the Victorian poor’.


Introduction – Jeff James, Keeper: The National Archives

Key Research Takeaways from In Their Own Write – Steve King, Professor of Economic and Social History (Nottingham Trent University), Paul Carter Principal Records Specialist (Collaborative Projects)

The ‘Pauper Letter Archive’ – Paul Carter

Teaching the Voices of the Victorian Poor Teacher Scholarship Programme – Andrew Payne, Head of Education and Outreach

Interactive Online “Teaching the Voices of the Victorian Poor “Maps – Rosie Morris, Education Web Officer


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One Reply to “Book Launch: In Their Own Write: Contesting the New Poor Law, 1834-1900.”

  1. I have been following their presentations on their research for some time which brings to our attention the unknown (or less unknown now) documents within the poor law.

    Well worth watching. I shall be there at the presentation.

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