Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Positive affirmations: how talking to yourself can let the light in

Undertakings of Magnitude and Novelty: A Social History of Engineers

Dot density maps
An experimental mapping of Census 2021 data for England and Wales using dots to represent people or households.

Uncomfortable With Uncertainty
A blog (substack) post from Ottawa writer Dan Gardner. You’d think that the number of times we have to change parts of our family trees as new evidence comes to light we’d be more accepting of uncertainty.

Today’s AI, Tomorrow’s History: Doing History in the Age of ChatGPT

Thanks to this week’s contributors: Anonymous, Brenda Turner, gail benjafield, Nick Mcdonald, Teresa, Unknown.

3 Replies to “Sunday Sundries”

  1. John, the dot density maps are great fun. I checked the areas of good friends in several places in the UK, and found it all fascinating. Thanka and cheers, BT

  2. BTW, John, having spent most of my wokring life in HR in various fed gov’t orgs, my job was usually associated with helping my clients make changes to their orgs, structures, and personnel. I am very comfortable with uncertainty. Cheers, BT

  3. Dan Garner’s Uncertainty offering is very interesting. I forwarded to some friends, as I also subscribe to this Substack.
    Thanks for noting it, John

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