How LAC is preparing for the 1931 census

There’s welcome news from Library and Archives Canada on the process toward the release of the 1931 census on 1 June 2023.  Already completed are:

  • Transfer
    Receive 1931 Census from Statistics Canada in the form of 187 microfilm reels. (microfilmed in 2005-2006.)
  • Add to collection
    Assign reel numbers and location, create archival description, and add the record to Collection Search.
  • Digitization
    Digitize microfilm reels, and verify each census page image by image—234,678 images in total.

Information on further steps toward release, and beyond, are included here.

At RootsTech Ancestry indicated they’d be processing the images just as they did the 1950 US census. If that precedent is anything to go by it shouldn’t take more than a few days, or weeks if they’re cautious and want to check the accuracy is adequate.

Census Background
There were 40 basic questions on the population schedule, divided into the following categories:
(1) Order of visitation, name, locality, description of dwelling;
(2) Personal description (family, sex, conjugal condition, age);
(3) Political status (birthplace, year of immigration, year of naturalization, nationality, origin, language);
(4) Social condition (literacy, school attendance, religion);
(5) Economic condition (occupation, industry, earnings, unemployment, disability).

There was no question on fertility (number of children).

Canada’s population first exceeded 10 million in 1931 and had grown by 18% since 1921.

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