Findmypast Weekly Update

Lancashire, Barrow-in-Furness Shipbuilding & Engineering Employees 

Travel back to the early 20th century with this new transcript collection, covering shipbuilding and engineers from Lancashire. These 96,374 records, sourced from the Cumbria Archive Service,  give a name or initials, date of birth (sometimes), the department worked in, address, and duration of work. They also include around 1,300 female employees from the First World War period.  

 United Kingdom, Commemorative Plaques 

These 12,785 commemorative plaques remember figures like Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Pankhurst, and even Hodge, the feline friend of Samuel Johnson. Depending on the plaque, you may find a name, date of birth, date of death and address.  Try searching for a place of interest.
This is a subset of those on the international Open Plaques crowdsource project which includes 576 plaques in Canada, 13 in Ottawa.

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