Senator Lorne Milne R. I. P.

Hon. Patron of the Ontario Genealogical Society, Senator Lorna Dennison Milne (13 December 1934 – 1 March 2023) had a passion for genealogy and researching family history. 

As a Senator, she waged a seven-year campaign (1998 to 2005) to allow historical census data to be released to the public. It culminated when Bill S-18 was passed, ensuring that all censuses conducted until 2001 would be released after 92 years. In a compromise, starting with the 2006 census, for all subsequent censuses Canadians were enabled to decide whether or not their information was to be released. Parliament subsequently passed legislation reestablishing full access by amending the Statistics Act, remove any restrictions for the 2021 Census and beyond. (Statutes of Canada 2017. Chapter 31. section 18.1(1))

See Senator Milne’s full obituary here,

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  1. Not only was Senator Milne Patron of OGS, but she gave such realitic support. She was also a xown rto earth person. we mourn her passing.

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