Availability of The Police Gazette

The (UK) Police Gazette, published  under various titles, has many references to personal names of missing persons, criminals, army deserters and those deported and imprisoned make it a useful source for genealogical purposes. Surviving coverage is spotty.

TheGenealogist has now added issues for the years 1901, 1911, 1921 and 1931 with over 56,000 individuals and 20,802 further aliases.

Ancestry has the same years, plus 1834 and 1885.  Also the Supplement “A” to the Police Gazette, issued fortnightly,  containing names and aliases, short criminal histories, descriptions and methods of persons who were considered to be expert and travelling criminals between 1914 and 1931.

The British Newspaper Archive, and Findmypast, have issues for 1829, 1858, 1880, 1898, 1916-1918.

According to the wikipedia article Police Gazette (Great Britain and Ireland) at least 61% of the total run of issues from 1772 to 1900 survives, archived by the initiative of local police forces, as well as by the British Library. Many of the Supplements between 1914 and 1965 also survive

According to an entry in its catalogue, the British Library has copies for 1858, and 1877-2003. Issues for the past 75 years are closed.



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