The Harvesters, and more from Glenn Wright

For almost 40 years, harvest excursions were organized in Eastern Canada to assist prairie farmers with the grain harvest. Thousands of men and women were recruited, no experience necessary, and transported out west to work in the fields, to ensure that Canada maintained its reputation as the breadbasket of the world.

That’s the opening paragraph of an article published in Legion magazine in 2001, authored by Glenn Wright. about a little-known aspect of Canada’s history.

Starting with Canadians on Vimy Ridge, April 1917: Resources and Research last Saturday, Glenn has three presentations in one month. A recording of that will become available to BIFHSGO members soon.

Early May has two opportunities to learn from Glenn.

On Monday 1 May, a special day, Glenn will present The Printed Page: Online Newspapers and Books during the Ottawa Public Library Genealogy Day at Ben Franklin Place. It’s a free event, no registration. More information here.

On Thursday 4 May Always Get Your Man: Researching the Men of the Mounted Police, 1873-1920 will be his presentation for the Ontario Genealogical Society monthly webinar. OGS webinars are free to view live.

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  1. I did some research on an old photograph for a dear cousin of mine some years ago. The pic was in an enormously long expansive landscape, showing a site in the prairies. Cousin said it may have been taken by his father when he was young, the first time he went west to work in the harvest.
    As it turned out, the photographer was a pro. and the pic showed the first time a piece of prairie land was ‘cut in,’ meaning ploughed for the first time, by an American flour company. At my urging, cousin donated the photograph, which had already been copied, to the Museum in Kindersley Saskatchewan. Where it belonged. Cheers, BT

  2. Sounds like a good month. I was one of the harvesters in 1953 which I believe was the last HARVEST EXCURSIONS.

  3. Is there any record of the men who went on harvest excursions? I know that my uncle, William A. Miller went on one in the early 1920’s. He went to the farm of his uncle John B. Cuncannon near Morrin, Alberta. I don’t know theyear.

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