Digitized Resources from the Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) Local History Society

Freely searchable files of the Gloucestershire Graphic newspapers from 1902-1942 and Street Directories from 1837-1952 are available from the Cheltenham (Gloucestershire) Local History Society. https://cheltlocalhistory.org.uk/new-online-newspapers-and-street-directories/

The Graphics, organized by year and month, are full of photos, including groups like sports teams with individual’s names given. There must be a good chance of finding a photo of a local person in these searchable pdfs.

Dozens of digitized directories from 1837-1952 are included — mainly Annuaires, and some other publishers such as Edwards, Hunt and Built-Leonard. Missing at present are 1864-66, 1869-71, 1874-75, 1877, 1885-86, 1917-21, 1944, 1949 and 1951.

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