Artificial Intelligence Genealogy

There’s a new blog, AI Genealogy Insights, that explores how artificial intelligence can assist genealogists and family history researchers, with a particular focus on:

    • discovering the advantages and limitations of AI,
    • and how genealogists can apply this knowledge.

Blogger Steve Little describes himself as “someone with training and a background in applied linguistics (natural language processing and computation linguistics, the foundations of artificial intelligence), language and literature, computers and programming, writing and storytelling, and genealogy and family history, I am passionate about combining these interests to enhance genealogical research and discovery.”

That’s worth my attention and perhaps yours.

For a taster, I suggest the short 7 April post Genealogy and Artificial Intelligence: Falling Off the Dunning-Kruger Cliff and the 15 April post that brought the blog to my attention, thanks to it being included in the latest Documentary Heritage News, AI Genealogy Use Case Guide: How to Clean Raw and Poor OCR Text .

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  1. I’m with Brenda… While I appreciate some uses of AI for genealogy (Ancestry’s auto-indexing of census returns and newspapers), I don’t need it writing for me. Everyone who writes has a unique voice – AI will never capture that.

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