British Columbia Deaths

On 22 April, MyHeritage added a free database with 1,243,400 records for BC Deaths “from the year 1872 onwards.” That means to 2001. Until 1946 these are transcriptions. Then images of the Registration of Death or Medical Certification of Death form are shown.

The MyHeritage database is from the latest BC Vital Statistics Agency release which has 1,243,696 records.

If you rely on Ancestry or FamilySearch be aware their records  have not been updated recently.

Ancestry’s equivalent database is from 1872 to 1990 and does not include images.

FamilySearch has a database British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986; 1992-1993.

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  1. Further, the earlier images can be accessed in person at the BC Archives as well as at the Central Library in Vancouver using the microfilm readers. Linda Yip had a great blog post last year explaining how to use the microfilm collection.

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