Findmypast Weekly Update

Anglo-Boer War Records 1899-1902

A further 19,117 records have been added to this collection, taking it to over 383,000.  Find short biographical details, unit, medals awarded, and casualties.
The collection includes 2,855 with the notation Canadian, and 329 for Canada. Toronto is mentioned in 24 records, Ottawa in 17 records, Calgary in 14, Montreal in 9, Edmonton in 8, Winnipeg in 5,  Fredericton in 5, Vancouver in 2.

Scotland: People of Nairnshire

Over 4,000 new transcriptions from a variety of sources have been added to this existing collection. You’ll find first and last name, year, parish and a brief note like “In Standalone, had 2 farm horses”, “In Cantraydown, in fornication with Christian Fraser” and “Tenant in Brannonhaugh.”

Scotland: Registers and Records

A further five publications have been added into Scotland Registers and Records. These PDFs cover 1290 to 1850, and include social histories, parish records and more. With 84 titles in total to explore, a search for Scottish ancestors is a bit of a lucky dip.



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