Favourite Genealogy Software

From The Society of Genealogists, a review comparing Family Historian 7, RootsMagic 9, Family Tree Maker 2019 and Legacy Family Tree 9, the most popular genealogy software options in the UK.

Read the review, which leans heavily on UK genealogists’ Twitter comments at https://www.sog.org.uk/our-collections/featured/family-history-software/.

A wide range of good-quality software is on the market. But, of course, all have their pros and cons. Just like ice cream, we all like it and all have favourite flavours, Does that mean we always choose vanilla and haven’t tried garlic?

99% of my needs are met by the family tree I keep online with Ancestry. I’ve tried all the others mentioned, some many years ago, but when I need to go back to Family Tree Maker. That’s what I started with.

Perhaps like the group in Ottawa, you prefer The Master Genealogist, or PAF, or one of the others lesser known and some no longer supported.

What’s your experience? Please let us know why.



3 Replies to “Favourite Genealogy Software”

  1. I’m a firm fan of Family Historian… this is a great article – perfect for someone considering using family tree software 🙂

  2. I still use Family TreeMaker, not because it’s the best, but because my late husband chose it and I am too lazy to start over. Cheers, BT

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