Towards Open Scholarship: A Canadian Research and Academic Library Action Plan to 2025

This joint report by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries’ (CARL) and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network’s (CRKN) documents strategic approaches and a rearticulation of the role of Canadian research and academic libraries.

As patrons of the product of academic research, but not partners, the genealogical community has an interest.

What specifically is in the action plan of interest. The initiatives are grouped under the headings:
1. Disseminate and preserve Canadian scholarly outputs
2. Improve the discovery and tracking of Canadian content
3. Fund international open scholarship research platforms, infrastructures, and services
4. Influence policy developments in Canada
5. Support innovation

While many are far into the academic weeds the following will be worth following to see if they are successful. Hopefully there will be periodic progress reports.

1.5. Enhance the Canadiana collections and infrastructure to support Canadian researchers and facilitate large-scale content growth. (Lead: CRKN)
4.5. Advocate for the expansion of digitization of heritage content, with other stakeholders across the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums)
sector (Lead: CRKN for CCDH with CARL)
5.3. Engage with local and disciplinary communities and funders and other academic stakeholders to help advance and support the adoption of open scholarship practices. (Co-leads: CARL, CRKN)
5.4. Transform CRKN’s Canadiana research infrastructure to embrace open standards and community-led development. (Lead: CRKN)
5.5. Explore the implications of artificial intelligence systems and quantum computing on the future of the open scholarship landscape (Lead: CARL)

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