Marriage in Victorian England

A special issue of the journal Family & Community History on marriage in Victorian England seeks to cast new light using a variety of sources.

The articles are:
‘Train them in Habits of Morality’: Did Boarding out Deter Poor Law Children from Getting Married? by Rachel Pimm-Smith
Fractured Courtships in Britain in the Long Nineteenth-Century, by Steven King
Avoiding Attention? Assessing the Reasons for Register Office Weddings in Victorian England and Wales, by Rebecca Probert
|‘An Exceedingly Painful Case’: The Aftermath of Divorce in Mid-Nineteenth Century England and Wales, by Jennifer Aston

All are open access. There are several other in the journal; find the list at

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  1. Oooh – this looks good! Especially Rebecca Probert’s article – my great-grandparents were married in a Register office in 1884 and I’ve no idea why. They had all but their eldest child (of 10) baptized and were baptized themselves, both C of E… Hoping this article will shed some light.

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