LAC Digitization

On 10 May I posted Suggesting Digitization of LAC Materials.

It reported communication from LAC that:

“However, our digitization policy is under review. I’ll verify if there are any provisions in the new version for collecting suggestions from the public. As soon as I have more information on that aspect, I’ll email you.”

On Monday 5 May I received a follow-up email from Martin Lanthier, A/Chief, Reference, Access and Services Branch, clarifying that it is actually a Digitization Strategy that it is under review, not a Digitization Policy. The text of the email continues:

This process (development of a digitization strategy) is not completed, but when it is, the document will be posted on our website. Since it is too early in the process, there is no date scheduled for the posting.

During the discussions, the importance of having clients influence the process leading to the identification of digitization projects was identified. We still have to determine how this influence can take shape, and we need to develop a mechanism to do so.

Hence, unfortunately, there is not a process in place for the moment to receive suggestions from clients. However, we can expect that in a near future, such a process will be in place.

It will be interesting to find out what LAC means by “a near future.”


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