Audrey Marguerite Jenkins, nee Northwood (1923 – 2020)

In my own family history, today marks the centennial of the birth of Audrey, the only child of Maud and John Northwood in Rokeby, Saskatchewan. She is my fourth cousin twice removed and my earliest known Canadian-born relative.

In speaking with her years ago, I got the impression life on the family farm as an only child during the Dirty Thirties was not a favourite recollection.

She was happy to move to Ottawa during WW2. In the 1942 Ottawa City Directory she is listed as stenog Natl Def Naval Serv  r 294 Clarence. In 1943 as stenog Natl Def Stores Br r 496 Cooper. She was even happier to move back west, eventually to Vancouver Island, and fully invested in her subsequent life. Her obit.

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  1. Truly a person to be honored to clam as a member of the family and sounds like she had a life fully lived. The world today would be much better with more like her!

  2. Small World Department, John!
    Both my parents grew up in Twp 25, Range 3, W 2nd Meridian – they were neighbours of the Northwoods. In the 1906 Census for Rokeby, the Northwoods are in Section 4 while John Roy Sharp is in Section 12, with my mother (Mary Ellen) 6 months old.
    My maps (from that time) give the number starting Lower Right – to Left – up a row – then Right. Sections 4 & 12 weren’t far apart.

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