Internet Genealogy Magazine: June/July 2023

This is Volume 18, No 2, the first all-digital edition. That’s right, there’s no longer a print edition.

The content is much the same as previously You’ll find fewer ads and more colour and still with familiar writers like Sue Lisk, Robbie Goor, Diane L Richard, Joe Grandinetti and Dave Obee’s back page, 

The first article that drew my attention was “English Publicans”, by Michelle Dennis. As I have an ancestor who ran a pub in late 18th and early 19th century Barrow, in Suffolk, I was interested to see if there were any resources
I’d missed.  It turned out many of the article’s resources were London-specific and too late for my ancestors. Probate was a source mentioned that I’d mined. I’d not looked at Quarter or Petty Session records so appreciated the mention that a licence to sell spirits had to be obtained annually to ensure they kept an “orderly house.”

Sue Lisk’s articles “Within A Legal Framework:
The Law and Our Ancestors” and “Like Shooting Fish In a Barrel: Formulating Research Questions” have good advice for both US and Canadian research. Joe Grandinetti extends the geographic scope to Italy and Ireland in “Marginal Success…. Fringe Benefits in Genealogical Research”.

Dave Obee’s back page, finds him hopping on the Genealogy and AI bandwagon with a caution about being skeptical owing to “hallucinations.” He does admit that some of the ideas AI produced weren’t bad, I agree. The trick is to know enough to distinguish those from the crap.

For cardholders at a public library, like the Ottawa Public Library, with a subscription to Flipster eMagazines, you should now be able to access the magazine without charge.


One Reply to “Internet Genealogy Magazine: June/July 2023”

  1. Very disappointing news. I’m not sure they even notified our Serials Librarian as she would have mentioned it to me.

    The least they could have done was make a deal with OverDrive (the dominant e-provider) rather than Flipster. Our library can’t afford another magazine service subscription.

    Very frustrated as now our genealogy magazine collection is down to 2 from 4 only a couple of years ago.

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