Two New Northern Ireland collections on Ancestry

Northern Ireland, Valuation Revision Books, 1864-1933, with 3,193,180 records, is the largest database in the Ancestry collection specifically for Northern Ireland. Records in the collection may contain the following information:

Names of property owners
Names of occupants
Description of property
Changes in acreage
Changes in property valuation
Name of street
Name of city, county, parish, and townland
Name of affiliated poor law union
Date of notation

Web: Northern Ireland, Freeholders Records, has 129,894 entries with links to images of the original at PRONI. Freeholders were men who either owned their land outright or who held it in a lease for the duration of their life, or the lives of other people named in the lease. They are for the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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  1. Thanks John. Another vital resources for those of us researching our families in Ireland and then found themselves in different countries. Certainly helps build a picture

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