Ancestry Soars, Genealogy Tanks: Search Trends

Google Trends web search data shows, since 2004, in Canada, the popularity of the various terms genealogy, ancestry, family tree and family history.

The blue line for “genealogy” shows, while it was initially much more popular than the others, there has been a major continuing decline starting early in the period.
The yellow line for “family tree” shows a decline to 2008, retaining second rank and with a popularity spike in Fall 2022.
The green line (sorry to the colour blind) shows the term “family history”, initially third ranked, falling well below the others in recent years.
The most popular these days is “ancestry” which was lowest ranked initially, experienced jumps in 2010, 2013 and 2017 to rank first. Since then there’s been a slight decline.

Data for other countries show similar trends. In the UK “family history” is a more popular term than “genealogy.”

How popular is genealogy? The second most popular hobby? Google trends web search has golf (47), fishing (11), knitting (3), skiing (2), genealogy (<1).

Come back tomorrow for more detailed look at Ancestry and coming soon, a longer-term perspective.

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