Findmypast Weekly Update

If you have Catholic ancestors who lived in the Leeds area between 1757 and 1913, you’ll want to explore this week’s FMP additions. The Catholic Heritage Archive has been bolstered by the addition of thousands of new parish records from the Diocese of Leeds, many recorded in Latin.

England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
24,3092 baptisms are added this week. From these images and transcriptions, you can expect to learn key information like a name, birth date, baptism date, church, parish, deanery, diocese, and county, as well as both parents’ names. Some original images include extra information like godparents’ names, the name of the minister who performed the baptism, and the address of the person baptised.

Occasionally these records will include notations about a subsequent marriage. You may also find the notation “sub cond”, added if there is doubt concerning the ability of a person to receive the sacrament. perhaps because it was previously received.

England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
There are now also 56,525 marriages records from the Diocese of Leeds for you to explore starting in 1776. You may find nothing more than the location, date and names of the spouses. More extensive records will add the spouses’ fathers’ names and the name of the priest who performed the service.

England Roman Catholic Parish Burials
These 26,195 transcriptions and images of the original sacramental register for the Roman Catholic Leeds Diocese start in 1759. Detail varies, you may be able to learn a name, age, birth and death date, burial date, address, age, grave coordinates, church, parish and diocese. 

England Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records
Just 152 original register images and transcriptions have been added, spanning from 1798 to 1845. The records include events like first communion. You will likely have to scroll back through the images to find the type of event, it’s not usually transcribed.

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