Findmypast Weekly Update

We have Cliff Webb and collaborators to thank for two of the three collections in this week’s FMP update.

Greater London Burial Index
236,204 new records are added this week. That makes a total of 2,137,775 records, from 1394 to 1905. Additions  are from these parishes:
City of London
and … records from Bermondsey Workhouse

Shoreditch Settlement Examinations 1758-1802
These 10,782 transcriptions relate to the Poor Law, which administered and provided relief to destitute members of a local parish.
The information given varies, as there are records for both the individual examined and their close family members. You can expect to learn details like a name, place of origin, date of examination, occupation, residence, and relationship to the subject of examination.
Survival of such records is spotty, these Shoreditch records are now preserved at London Metropolitan Archives, references P91/LEN/1200 to 1216.

Scotland, Glasgow City Volunteers, Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
This set records the burgess tickets granted to Glasgow’s volunteer soldiers travelling to South Africa. Burgess tickets granted them full rights to trade within the burgh, and bestowing the highest form of civic honour upon them. The 1,019 transcriptions include a name, an occupation, an address, company and regiment information, and the date appointed burgess of the City of Glasgow.



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  1. John I just love reading your posts that I can actually USE. This is one of the huge delights of FH research. As new record groups come on-line you can learn more. A real pleasure where you can connect new groups to families you have researched in various locations. Many times I have contacted friends or family members with new research results!!! Cheers, BT

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