England in Ottawa

As a service to those who want to decolonize Canada, here’s a list of streets and other places in Ottawa named for English counties. For a few, a place within a missing county is given.

Bedford Crescent
Berkshire Way
Buckingham Private
Cambridge Street
Cheshire Road
Cornwall Street
Cumberland Street
Derby Place
Devonshire Place
Dorset Drive
Durham Private
Essex Street
Gloucester Street
Hampshire Place
Hereford Place
Kent Street
Lancaster Road
Leicester (Wigston Private)
Lincoln Heights
London Terrace
Middlesex (Hackney Private)
Norfolk Avenue
Northampton Drive
Nottingham Court
Oxford Street
Rutland (Oakham Ridge)
Shropshire (Newport Crescent)
Somerset Street
Stafford Road
Suffolk Street
Surrey Avenue
Sussex Drive
Warwick Place
Westmoreland Avenue
Wiltshire Circle
York Street

After those are finished there’s plenty of scope in Ontario county names before moving on to the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and French from France.

The list could also be used to celebrate heritage, or a challenge for how many you could visit in a day!

This post was prompted by The World in Hong Kong.

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  1. Former Linclon and Welland Counties have many names from England. There were Stamford, Grantham, Louth and Pelham townships to name just a few.

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