New British Jewish Resources

Both Ancestry and TheGenealogist have added to their British collections of Jewish interest.

For Ancestry it’s additions to UK, British Jewry Roll of Honour, 1914-1918, now with 57,202 entries of those who served in the British and colonial forces during World War I. Compiled in 1922, it uses military and public sources it lists many, not all who served by regiment, with particular atterntion to those how died or received military honours.
A free source is /.

TheGenealogist has made available a “batch of The Jewish Chronicles from the First World War and The Jewish Echo (Scotland and Ireland’s only Jewish paper from the time) covering years during the build up to World War 2.”
These records augment the collection of The Jewish Year Books from 1896 to 1939 and, you guessed it, the Jewry Roll of Honour (1914-1918) available from TheGenealogist.


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