Ancestry adds Birmingham Cemetery and Crematoria Records

This collection, new to Ancestry, for Britain’s second-largest city contains 1,394,768 records from 1836 to 2017.

Cemeteries included are Brandwood End, Handsworth, Key Hill, Kings Norton, Lodge Hill (and crematorium), Quinton, Sutton Coldfield, (and crematorium), Sutton New Hall, Warstone Lane, Witton, Yardley (and crematorium).

An Ancestry search returns index data: the deceased name, month of burial/cremation, year of burial/cremation, and cemetery. This is freely available from the Birmingham City Council at . There you have the option of paying £10 for a digital download of the following information which may (although not always) be shown on the image:

Number of Entry (Burial/Cremation Number)
Description of person buried/interred
Rank or profession (occupation)
Marital Status
Late residence/place where death occurred
Date of burial/cremation
Date of death
By whom the ceremony/service was performed (Officiating Minister; Sometimes including Funeral Director)
Registrars signature
By whom the certificate was given (persons signing certificates)
Grant or reference number
Place of Burial/Cremation (Section/Class within the Cemetery)
Number of Grave (Plot number within the Section/Class within the Cemetery)
Whether the deceased is in consecrated or unconsecrated ground (occasionally including Special, Free Church and Roman Catholic ground)
Description of grave and charges (occasionally including grave depth)
If Pauper – The Union
Receipt Number
Method of disposal of ashes


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