LAC Expenditures: Long-term Perspective

The post How should LAC meet budget cuts? prompted an email pointing to the National Accounts. They are online from 1995 to 2022. In thousands of dollars, the graph shows the LAC expenditure trend year-by-year, adjusted for inflation using the Bank of Canada CPI tool.

In real terms over the whole period LAC has lost an average $766,000 each year. It’s not easy to explain the fluctuations as specially-funded initiatives come and go. Most notable is the decrease from 2009 to 2016, the final years of the Harper government and during the disasterous tenure of Daniel Caron as Librarian and Archivist from 2009 to 2013.

The Heritage portfolio which is dominated by culture and sport concerns. Heritage is the poor cousin, I’m told LAC is often an afterthought. Only when problems arise, such as access to information and indigenous documents is much attention paid by oversight bodies like the Auditor General and Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.


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  1. Have you found an analysis of LAC’s recent regigging if the Canada Census, or did you do one that I missed?
    Since at least July, the Agricultural Census is just not available that I can find. It was tricky to locate among the census data at the best of times, but now, with the loss of the ability to scroll ahead of the nominal/personal census to find the farm lot numbers and their farm / livestock production is lost entirely on the LAC site.

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